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Поэты на Венецианской биеннале

Posted by evg81 on 2009.04.17 at 12:51
С 3 по 6 июня 2009 г. во время открытия 53-й Венецианской Биеннале Поэтическим клубом Stella Art Foundation, Московской биеннале поэтов, издательством "Русский Гулливер" (этот тройной союз в каталоге Биеннале обозначается как Moscow Poetry Club), компанией ArtBOX, Правительством Москвы, Министерством культуры Кипра и La Casa delle Parole будет показан поэтический проект.
В книжном магазине Биеннале и в Джарджини будет проходить постоянный поэтический перформанс с участием русских, американских и европейских поэтов. Во время выступлений поэтов художники Александр Джикия и Аня Желудь создадут графические произведения, в реальном времени иллюстрируя стихи читающих поэтов.
Проект курируют директор 53-й Венецианской Биеннале Даниэль Бирнбаум и поэт Евгений Бунимович.
В российскую делегацию вошли поэты Евгений Бунимович, Юрий Арабов, Марк Шатуновский, Лев Рубинштейн, Андрей Родионов, Вадим Месяц, Игорь Вишневецкий, Андрей Тавров, Игорь Караулов, Евгений Никитин, Анна Русс, Геннадий Каневский и Алексей Королев. Информация о проекте вошла в каталог Венецианской биеннале. Кроме того, "Русским Гулливером" будет выпущен специальный каталог поэтического проекта. Название проекта - Making Words - перефразирует девиз биеннале (Making Worlds).
Логотип проекта - изображение Уробороса создали Игорь Макаревич и Елена Елагина.

Участники: Vassilis Amanatidis (Greece) - poet Juri Arabov (Russia) - poet Alfred Goubran (Austria) - poet Riccardo Held (Italy) - poet John High (USA) - poet Gennady Kanevsky (Russia) – poet Igor Karaulov (Russia) – poet Alexey Korolev (Russia) - poet Andrea Libin (USA) - poet Vadim Mesyats (Russia) – poet Alessandro Niero (Italy) – poet Daphne Nikita (Cyprus) – poet Massimo Rizzante (Italy) – poet Andrey Rodionov (Russia) – poet Lev Rubinstein (Russia) - poet Anna Russ (Russia) - poet Mark Shatunovsky (Russia) - poet Andrey Tavrov (Russia) – poet Igor Vishnevetsky (Russia) – poet Svetlana Zaharova (Belgium) – poet Gioula Chatzigeorgiou (Cyprus) - artist Igor Makarevich (Russia) – artist Alexander Djikia (Russia) – artist Elena Elagina (Russia) - artist Anja Zhelud (Russia) - artist Giannis Epaminondas (Greece) - architect Katja Margolis (Italy) – artist Alexander Ponomarev - artist Daniel Birnbaum (Sweden) – director, curator Evgeny Bunimovich (Russia) – curator, poet Alexander Rytov (Russia) – management, poet Evgeny Nikitin (Russia) – management, poet Christos Savvidis (Greece) - management Lydia Chatziiakovou (Greece) - coordinator

In poetry, worlds are made of words. But then, what the worlds are - words or reality? The word "water" is not drinkable, the word "bread" is not edible. The things are not what we call them. And isn't that one of the poet's missions: coming back to authenticity, an equivalence between the subject and its name, the word and the gesture? To give the world back to a word, one would have to re-create it anew. That would essentially unite "making worlds" and "making words". During our poetry readings we offer everyone water to drink and bread to eat in order to have the words " water" and "bread" regain their actual filling. Poetry operates with words, revealing the hidden resources of language and going beyond the normative conceptualization of reality. Five basic elements, five breads shared among five thousand people - these archetypes are behind the five days that the Poetry Corner will be run at the Biennale bookstore and Giardini.

Visual artist Youla Hatzigeorgiou, in collaboration with architect Giannis Epaminondas, have designed a wooden crate that unfolds and serves as a platform on which poets and other artists present their works and actions. Through the use of technology, Youla Hatzigeorgiou translates the poets’ voices into water surges, which are projected onto the surface of the recipient’s exterior shell. The result will be a specifically designed stage to host our world-making event. Each of five days from 3 till 7 June Moscow Poetry Club presents poetic performances, curated by Daniel Birnbaum and Eugeny Bunimovich, which involve Russian, Italian, Greek, Cypriot, American and Austrian poets. The offering of bread and water during all the performances is related to the “Common Cause” installation by Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina in Arsenale, which operates with bread semantics.

While poets are reading their works, artists Alexander Djikia and Anja Zhelud are making real-time graphics illustrating the readers' verses on huge sheets spread on the walls and the floor. The poets from the "Russian Gulliver" project curated by Vadim Mesyats is presenting performances "Gydromachia" (an attempt to charm away floods and rain) and "Resurrection of a Hymn", based on a reconstruction of Indo-European protohymn. Alexander Ponomarev is showing performance by Vsevolod Nekrasov. La Casa delle Parole (Venice) is representing the modern Italian poetry.

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